Our backpackers community

Backpackers In The World is a backpackers' community founded in 2017 and it is a reference point among backpackers.

Our aim is to connect like-minded travellers by sharing stories, places, inspiration, photos, travel blogs and advice with each other.

In just one year, we have been able to create a travel community that is source of inspiration for many travellers worldwide.

We want to share your brand with our highly engaged audience (>10% avg engagement rate) through creative photos, instagram stories and beautifully curated blog posts.

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Our community

Instagram followers: 114K+

Current engagement: >6%

Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen any of our posts in the last 7 days.

Impressions: The total number of times our posts have been seen in the last 7 days.

Our audience is entirely made of people interested in travelling. We are a daily source of inspiration for our followers about places to visit, hotels to sleep in, and activities to do. Our audience is also interested in travel gear and it's partly interested in photography as well. This make us the perfect partner for all the business related to the travel industry, such as backpacks companies, hostels/hotels, airlines, tourist boards, travel agents and so on.

Let's collaborate

Depending on your needs, our work can focus solely on content creation or we are able to provide a full-service digital marketing approach, including content exposure on our social platforms and website.

Digital marketing

We support the full marketing approach
for your brand or experience through:

  • Photography​

  • Drone footage

  • Social media sponsored posts

  • Brand collaborations

  • Giveaway


While our Instagram page is focused on being a community, our work is all about photography and video making. We are able to provide HQ photos as well as creative videos depending on your needs.

Whether you are a hotel, a tourist board, an airline or a company, we can create the type of content that better suit your needs.

Some examples are:

  • Custom video for your product / hotel

  • Product / Hotel photography

  • Creative instagram stories

What else can we do for you?

Besides content creation, the ways we can collaborate are the following:


Giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to collaborate if your main goal is having exposure while gaining time some followers on your Instagram page at the same. With a giveaway we are usually sharing 2-3 posts on Instagram + Instagram stories showing the prizes.

The exposure of a giveaway is currently between 30.000 and 70.000 accounts reached per post, while the instagram stories reach between 3.000-5.000 accounts per story.

Giveaways could be run by almost anyone, as long as you have a travel related product to offer. It could be anything from a backpack, to a flight tickets or a hotel stay.

Click here to see what types of Giveaway we can run.


Single/Multiple Instagram Post: A single or multiple Instagram post is best when you don't have a product to give away, or you are only looking for exposure. The AD made via a single Instagram post feels less natural compared to a giveaway, but we will find the best way to advertise it as long as your product fits our audience.

As above, each of our posts can reach between 30.000 and 70.000 unique accounts, with peaks of over 200.000 people if the photo "goes viral".


Blog Post Mention: while our blog is relatevely new compared to our Instagram page, more and more people visit it every day. On our blog we both share our own content (especially, practical guides) as well as other people's blog posts specifically written for us.
As a part of our collaborations your hotel/product could be included in one of our guides or we could write a full, specific blog post about you and what you do.





NOTE: We only work with brands/companies that are strictly in the travel industry, and only with brands/companies that offer products or services we would spend our own money on. This is the reason why we have done so few collaborations so far and only with brands we really like.




Giveaway - 70.000

Value Alliance

Giveaway - 100.000


Work with us

We would love to hear from you, please email us on or send us a DM on our Instagram account @backpackersintheworld


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