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August 27, 2019



Travel Photography Interview: Episode 14 with Patricia and Miguel from @freeoversea


Hi Patricia, hi Miguel, it's not a secret we are so excited about this Travel Photography Interview!

Thanks so much for being part of it.

We always start from the gear you use, so let's not waste time: how do you create your magic?


Hey there! During our big 9 months trip and before that, we have been using our sweet Canon 70D (which model was replaced by the 80D), with our 10-18mm f/4.5‑5.6, great for wide angle and POV shots, the 24-105 f/4 zoom lens and our most favourite one, the 50 mm f/1.4. Recently we decided to make an upgrade on our camera gear, so we sold our old body and 2 of the lenses to invest on the camera and lens of our dreams: The Canon 5D Mark IV + 16-35mm f/2.8 lens. For the tripod we use the Manfrotto compact action, great for video as well.

We also use a DJI Mavic Pro with NP filters from Sandmarc and the modest GoPro Hero 5 for all our underwater photography.




Something that's always very interesting is to learn more about the background of popular Instagrammers as you are, and we must say your photos looked great since the very beginning! How did you approach photography? when did you start and how did it evolve over time?


Photography has always played a big role in our lives. We both are big photography lovers, but Patricia more on the photographer side and Miguel on the modelling side. Patricia had a bigger passion about photographing places, people and animals, as well as documenting every bit of our adventures. After we quit our jobs in Ireland and start sharing our journey on Instagram, photography gained a new whole importance, so she invested more of her time in perfecting some skills and now is the content creation manager of our team! Patricia sets the shots and deals with all the editing afterwards. Miguel is now learning a bit more and is the one that takes the POV shots and the ones where Patricia is the model. It has been a tough journey on this content creation side, but so grateful to be able to put all of our effort and time in learning more and developing new skills all by ourselves, as we are self-learners.



Something that characterizes your Instagram feed is your ability to convey a message through your photography. Your work goes far beyond the actual photos, and it's good to see something different on this platform. We know your captions and your stories play a key role here, but how are you able to constantly put out relevant content?

And what does photography mean to you?


The key point here is to be clear of your purpose. Since the beginning that we know exactly why we created Freeoversea and what do we want to achieve with it, and this is super important to build consistency around the work you do and share with the community. Our mission goes beyond inspiring people to live the life of their dreams. We aspire to empower the community to be more mindful of themselves, to make conscious choices and protect our mother earth and this passion that we have for empowerment, allow us to constantly be inspired and creative enough to put out relevant content. Also, sometimes we might get what it’s called ‘creators block’, so when that happens, we just stop doing and let things flow, because from stillness comes motion, that’s our essence.

We believe that photography has the power to make every moment last forever, even that tiny frame of a second that you felt the most amazing thing in the world, and through imagery we can create an impact, as most people are visuals, so they need to see, in order to feel, that’s why photography is so important to complement our words.




Let's talk about planning! Do you plan your shots and outfits in advance?
And what's the process behind finding the best spots?


Well, as much as we hate plans, we tend to make them, not only because we need that organisation on our lives and work, but also to allow us to be more efficient on our sessions. When we have brands to shoot, we always prioritize those outfits, over our own clothes. Also, the place where we will shoot them will be decided regarding the colours we shoot, the ambiance we need for the shot and the essence and message we want to spread. All our creations have an intention behind, but while shooting, we just have fun and connect with each other in front of the camera. For the best spots, sometimes we do a deep search on google or even on Instagram, so we know which places are worth visit for photography. The key is to be methodical, precise and efficient, when it comes to find the best spots and plan our sessions.



What is your favourite photo so far?


Now here is a tough question for us, as we struggle finding one in particular that stands out of all others, because each photo is an improvement of the previous one and reminds us of growth. But if we had to choose, we would choose the magical sunrise we shot at the gorgeous infinity pool at Jannata Resort in Bali. The reason why we love this shot so much, is because it marks a new beginning for us and our journey around the world and it was one of those where we were totally connected and in the moment. Besides, it is a sunrise photo, we have to give it proper credit as is not easy to wake up at 4h30 in the morning after a long night of work hahah. With this photo we were trying to capture the soulful connection we have, more than two bodies that became one, we are souls, energy and harmony. So, we sat the tripod and timer at the pool and just brought mindfulness into that moment…the rest is magic!





What is your favourite camera setup?


Our favourite camera set up is the one we just bought recently, the Canon 5D Mark IV with the 16-35 f/2.8 mm lens, that allow us to have a wide-angle perspective, with an amazing crisp and tender result.




What makes a good photo when it comes to composition?


The concept of a good photo is wide and sometimes subjective, but for us it all resumes to the rule of thirds and subject disposition. We’d say 50% of the shot is already made if we follow the rule of thirds correctly, by positioning it on the intersections, and the remaining 50 will depend on your subject disposition. For example, if you want to take a photo faced to the beach and have the horizon line touching your head, is not that visually appealing as if you had the horizon aligned with your body.



Some people see digital nomads and influencers as "new age beggars".

What is your point of view about the influencers world and how can content creation be a good source of income while travelling?


Well, we believe that the influencers marketing is inflated, and with that comes a problem of labels. What we mean with this, is that the word influencer gained a new whole dimension and nowadays it’s seen as someone who wants free things, and those self-intituled ‘’influencers’’ are the ones responsible for that. We don’t like to call ourselves influencers, but agents of change, as that is what we should doing with our social presence and communities: empowering and influencing others to make conscious actions and foster positive changes in the world. Content creation and digital marketing is such a good source to generate income or save up while travelling, but not many people take it seriously, and that is why some other creatives are being underpaid or even became dumb slaves (yes, that is what you call to people who work for free and have the power of choice, but completely ignore it).

We need more people who value themselves and the work they do, so WE creators can have their art seen and appreciated, therefore making a solid income and living as digital nomads and not ‘’new age beggars’’.





It's time to give back. What would be your best tip to someone who wants to start taking photos like you?


Our mission is not to inspire or teach others to become travel photographers or creators, but to empower them to find their purpose and follow it. With this said, our best tip for those who want to create and make a life in the digital marketing and social fields, is to find your passion, something that you really love doing it and practice it until you master that skill. Speaking in photography terms, if you love taking photos, invest time studying and practicing and then you must figure out a way of monetizing your art, so you can travel the world with your skill.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years as photographers/content creators? 


We don’t! In 5 years we hope by then to be working on the field with children and young people, using arts as a mean of education, empowerment and self-discovery. Our dream is not to remain content creators, but to use art and creativity to make positive impacts in other peoples lives. Hopefully, we will have a social project where we can be nomads and work with communities around the world.



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