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Hola Erika, we are thrilled to talk about photography with you!

Gear first: what's inside your camera bag? 


I use a Sony A7 III with a 16 - 35 GM lens. For me it's a good allrounder lens.


The tripod is from a Singaporean company which I can't remember but the ball head was recently replaced by one from the German company Cullmann because it provides a better stability.


My drone is a DJI Mavic Air for which I have two additional batteries because let's be honest: One battery is totally not sufficient.

For the Drone I have a set of ND filters of the Polarpro Cinematic series.


For underwater shots I have a Gopro Hero 4 Silver with which I am semi happy with but because I don't take that many underwater shots, I don't think I will upgrade soon.

But if I have to, I would pick the DJI Osmo Action.


I carry 5 1/2 TB hard drives with me, I don't have a favourite brand but the majority is from Seagate.


All my gear is stored in a Thule Aspect DSLR backpack.


Sony A7 III, 16mm, 1/800 s, f/6.3, ISO640



Tell us more about your background. How did you become the great, talented photographer you are today?


Thank you really much for the compliment. 

I studied Media Design and I have been always interested in Photography. 

When I got my first proper Camera I watched many tutorials on Youtube and took many photos to get better.

But still there is a lot of room for improvement. 


Canon 700D, 27mm, 1/1000 s, f/5.6, ISO200



Your photos are so magical, the colours are vibrant and the composition is always perfect. What makes your pictures so special?


My goal is to show the viewer the charm of the country/place I'm visiting, along with its unique colours. 

Post editing and especially the time of shooting are really important factors.


My compositions are always spontaneous, when I go to a place for a shooting I first walk around and take photos with my phone to seek for the best angles.





How do you find the perfect Instagram spots in every different country?


I get some inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms are a good source of photo spots.

But most of the times I try to find photogenic spots by my own.


Sony A7 III, 27mm, 1/1600 s, f/5, ISO400

What is your favourite photo so far?


My favourite photo is the one with the Giraffe.

When I was young I loved to watch National Geographic and imagined myself being in Africa and seeing all these beautiful animals by my own.

And finally this big dream came true.


This photo was taken in a National Park where the Giraffes don't have predators but live freely, that's why I have been able to get so close to this majestic creature.


Canon 700D, 24mm, 1/400 s, f/7.1, ISO800



What is your favourite camera setup (1 camera + 1 lens) on the go? And why?


That's my current setup:


Sony A7 III with a 16 - 35 2.8 G-Master lens.


I love my Sony camera because the quality is great and the photos as well.

The 16 - 35 fits my style and the 2.8 aperture let me take some nice bokeh shots. 



You have been travelling to many different - and often described by media as dangerous - countries including Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and many others. Have you ever felt unsafe travelling with expensive camera equipment? What are your tips about it to other travellers?


Some countries aren't as dangerous as the Media is telling us but no matter which country I always have an eye on my bag and don't walk around shady areas with my gear.

In my opinion if you travel with attention of your surroundings and ask locals which areas you should avoid, you will be safe in most instances.


But most of the times I don't walk around flashing my camera to everybody, I rather keep it in my bag.




Let's talk about your editing. How do you give your photos the unique look they have?

And how did you learn?


Most of the editing is done with Adobe Lightroom but sometimes I combine it with Photoshop, it depends on the situation of the photo.


I studied Media Design, where I learned how to work with Photoshop but Lightroom is self-taught with Youtube tutorials.


Sony A7 III, 16mm, 1/2500 s, f/4.5, ISO1000



What is the most photogenic country you have been to?


That's India, especially the pink city of Jaipur.


There are photo possibilities literally everywhere: from street photography to beautiful architecture, It's a photographers dream.


Canon 700D, 13mm, 1/100 s, f/8, ISO100


As we always do, we end our interview focusing on your future. What are your plans for the next months? Do you have any exciting trips/collaborations/projects waiting for you? And what would you like to experiment/get better at when it comes to photography?


End of the year I am going to be with my husband @mochilamonkeys in Australia and until then we don't have a fix plan but going to travel around Latin America. Currently we are in Mexico and think about to head to Cuba next. Or maybe Colombia? Let's see. ;)


Our goal is to take photos which are more creative and unique and want to experiment with different styles.


Canon 700D, 13mm, 1/160 s, f/11, ISO100

Thanks so much for reading!


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